Chicago Bears: Trading Kyle Fuller makes more sense than Akiem Hicks

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Trading Kyle Fuller makes more sense for the Chicago Bears than Akiem Hicks

The high-priced defensive star that should be traded is Kyle Fuller. The main reason to keep Hicks over Fuller is a simple one. The pool of football players who can come close to replacing Kyle Fuller’s skills and traits is far bigger than finding a rare talent like Hicks. To put this in perspective, the Bears just found themselves a very good starting cornerback in Jaylon Johnson in the second round of the last draft when they needed to find an inexpensive replacement for Prince Amukamara.

Pace has shown the capacity to draft first-round talent in the second round.  Eddie Goldman is proof of this. Jaylon Johnson and James Daniels are very likely proof of this. If the Bears could get a second-round pick for Kyle Fuller there is a good chance if needed Pace can not only turn that pick into a starting cornerback but also one who in time possibly plays like a first-round pick.

There is another compelling reason to trade Fuller over Hicks. There are a number of teams with playoff ambitions who flat out need a cornerback or could really use an upgrade at this premium position. Some of them have cap space to work with like the Niners, Broncos, Colts, Patriots, Browns, Cardinals, and Cowboys. Other teams in playoff mode like the Seahawks, Titans, and Raiders could give Fuller an extension as a way to fit him under their cap.

Now all of you frustrated and angry Bears fans, imagine if Ryan Pace puts Kyle Fuller on the open market. This could create a real bidding war for him. Given all the things Bears fans have to be unhappy about, teams fighting each other to acquire Kyle Fuller could be something that will put a smile on your faces.

Bears management and by proxy Bears fans via the rumor mill could be quite entertained this offseason by the Bears playing these teams against each other in order to get the best possible deal for Fuller.