Chicago Bears and fans took Jay Cutler for granted.

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Even the Chicago Bears defense wasn’t too great. Eddie Jackson and Khalil Mack were ghosts. The Bears snuck into the playoffs and were knocked out in the first round. I had some optimism and thought the Bears could pull off the win. That was just the typical Bears fan in me. The Saints showed what you get with an all-around team.

Mitch Trubisky more than likely played his last game as a Bear. This left the most important position a question mark, yet again.

Let me start off by saying I’m biased towards Jay Cutler. I have always been a huge fan and to be completely honest, he’s my all-time favorite Bear.

I never thought he got the credit he deserved and he deserved a lot. I’ll never forget the game against the Giants when they sacked Jay nine times in the 1st half. This was the record for most sacks in a single half by the way. It was an absolute joke. The Chicago Bears never fully protected Cutler and wondered why he couldn’t get them to the next level.

Chicago Bears ex-quarterback Jay Cutler’s resume

Jay Cutler holds the franchise record for most touchdown passes, most passing yards, and the most completions in franchise history.

The Bears have had only two quarterbacks make the pro bowl since it started in 1951.

One of those quarterbacks was the 1985 Bears legend, Jim McMahon. The other is Mitchell Trubisky. The former second-overall pick, that at one point, was benched for Nick Foles. With quarterback being one of, if not the most, important positions, the Chicago Bears have yet to find their general.

The Chicago Bears once again have a huge question mark at quarterback

The Chicago Bears have had a top defense the last three years and guess what it’s gotten them? Absolutely nothing. They weren’t even near the top five this season and it showed. Like every sport, athletes are evolving and are continuing to get better. Not only that but the last seven Super Bowl winners have been lead by future hall of fame quarterbacks.

A great defense just doesn’t do it anymore. Last year’s Super Bowl is a perfect example of that. The 49ers lead by two scores and Patrick Mahomes lead a 4th quarter comeback to take home the Lombardi Trophy. Despite the 49ers being ranked as the No. 1 defense last season, it wasn’t enough to stop the future Hall of Famer. Love him or hate him, you have to admit he could take a hit.

Since Jay Cutler, the Bears have had Matt Barkley, Chase Daniel, Brian Hoyer, Mike Glennon, Mitch Trubisky, and Nick Foles. They never seemed to look in a different direction and instead pinned the blame on Cutler.

2011 was a long time ago. I’ll never forget that game or the Thanksgiving win over the Packers and Aaron Rodgers.

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Jay Cutler wasn’t Peyton Manning but he was one hell of a quarterback who does not receive the credit he deserves.