Should the Chicago Bears make this trade for Trevor Lawrence?

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Trevor Lawrence would make Chicago Bears fans forget about Mitch Trubisky

With so many variables in play when it comes to attempting to trade for Watson, landing him seems very unlikely. I wanted to see what it might take to trade for this year’s first-round pick and essentially Trevor Lawrence instead. I turned to Pro Football Focus’ mock draft simulator. I used multiple attempts and multiple draft combinations to see what the algorithm would consider as an acceptable offer.

As a Mitch Trubisky fan and supporter, not many quarterbacks will make me happy on this roster in 2021. Nick Foles for sure is not the answer and I would prefer Trubisky under center. Most free-agent quarterbacks do not excite me either. When we look at the 2021 NFL Draft, only two players seem like sure bets to me — Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields. Trevor Lawrence is even in a tier way above Fields.

When I look at Trevor Lawrence, he is the best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck. He is a better prospect than the one-year wonder of Joe Burrow. He is a better prospect than even Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson were coming out of college. This does not always mean it will translate to the NFL and he will outperform the likes of Mahomes and Watson, but the upside of Trevor Lawrence makes attempting to lock him up on any roster an absolute must.