5 players the Chicago Bears could trade before the 2021 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears, Kyle Fuller
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The Chicago Bears should get a nice haul if they traded Kyle Fuller

If the Chicago Bears were able to trade Kyle Fuller, not only should they receive a solid haul of draft capital, but it would also help free up some much-needed cap space. Fuller is due to earn $20 million dollars in 2021. However, if the Chicago Bears find a trade partner, they’d only be on the hook for $9 million. Saving $11 million dollars could be important this offseason as the Bears look to make some serious changes on the offensive side of the ball.

Looking back at some other corners who have been traded, it seems that the Bears should be able to acquire a third or fourth-round pick for Fuller. Marcus Peters was traded twice thus far in his career. The first time he was traded he was 24 years old and on the verge of becoming an elite corner. He had just finished his first three seasons in the league with eight, six and five interceptions. He even had five forced fumbles and three defensive touchdowns during that span.

The Chiefs traded Peters to the Rams along with a sixth-round pick for a second and fourth-round pick. Peters was then traded again in 2019 to the Ravens for a 2020 fifth-round pick (side note: this fifth-round pick eventually was traded to the Bears and ended up being used to draft Darnell Mooney). Another trade to look at was Ronald Darby. Darby was traded after two seasons in Buffalo to the Eagles for a third-round pick. Darby was only 23 years old though.

Looking at these two players, they were younger when traded to their respective teams. Based on Kyle Fuller’s age and past success, a late third or early fourth (depending on the trade partner) seems like a fair price to pay for Fuller. Is it worth moving on from him? This is a tough call as Fuller has come into his own, but finding a cornerback is easier than finding say a new quarterback.