5 players the Chicago Bears could trade before the 2021 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Allen Robinson, Chicago Bears
Allen Robinson, Chicago Bears (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears could franchise tag and then trade Allen Robinson

Here is an interesting option that does not always work out. However, it is possible the Chicago Bears could find enough salary cap space to franchise tag Allen Robinson (probably around $16-$18 million for 2021) and if the two sides cannot agree on a deal, the Bears could look to trade Robinson instead.

I do not think Robinson will earn a first-round pick from many teams if any. Instead, I picture him being worth a second-round and a fourth-round pick. If we look back at some prior trades involving top wide receivers, Odell Beckham, Jr. comes to mind as he was traded for a first and a third-round pick. Not to mention, Jabrill Peppers was also sent in the trade. Beckham was slightly younger than Robinson at the time, but Robinson has plenty of prime years left at only 27.

Antonio Brown was traded for a third and fifth-round pick when he moved on from the Steelers to the Raiders. Brown had some off-the-field issues and issues though that quickly ruined his career. Golden Tate went for a third-round pick but is nowhere near as good as Allen Robinson. Amari Cooper went for a first-round pick, but he was only 23 and still on his rookie deal.

When I look at Allen Robinson compared to Beckham and Cooper, they are about as equal as they can come from a talent and efficiency standpoint the last couple of years. If I am Ryan Pace, I’d be making this move. You either keep Robinson for your new quarterback in 2021, or you end up getting some high-end draft capital for a guy you were losing to free agency anyway.