Chicago Bears: Ideal targets with the first three picks of 2021 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears Credit: Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Chicago Bears grab their quarterback in the third round

Here is the key to the 2021 NFL Draft going the way I would love to see it. The Chicago Bears still need to address the quarterback position in this draft. With the first two picks going to the offensive line, hopefully finding replacement upgrades for Charles Leno and Bobby Massie, taking a quarterback in the third round is a must.

The only problem is that there is only one quarterback I am wanting to see selected in the third round. Unless Kyle Trask falls to the third, I do not foresee him falling that far, the only quarterback worth taking this early in my opinion is Jamie Newman.

Landing Newman in the third would excite me, but this would not solve the quarterback problems in 2021. The Chicago Bears would still need to make a push for a veteran free agent. I would love to see Jameis Winston brought in, but that’s probably not happening if Drew Brees actually retires. Winston with Newman as a backup would be a great pairing. Nick Foles is technically the backup in this scenario, but honestly, I do not want to see Foles on the field in 2021.

Newman was supposed to play for Georgia this season after transferring from Wake Forest. However, he decided to opt-out based on concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Newman was likely to see his draft stock rise after a solid 2019 season with Wake Forest. Newman threw 26 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, while also adding over 500 yards on the ground and another six touchdowns. He’s a dual-threat quarterback I’d love to take a chance on.

Newman is set to play in the Senior Bowl this weekend and his performance will be key to his draft stock in April. The hope here is that he does not vault himself too high that he no longer becomes an option in the third round.

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Final thoughts:

If the Chicago Bears were able to walk away with these three players, I would jump up and down with joy as I would give them an A+ grade no matter what the rest of the draft looks like. If the Bears somehow trade for Deshaun Watson this all goes out the window. However, right now, as it stands, this is the draft outcome I am starting to fall completely in love with for 2021.