Ranking Senior Bowl QBs for Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Jamie Newman
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2. Jamie Newman

Jamie Newman is a complete wild card. On one hand, you saw his arm is more talented than Mond. You saw his athleticism may be the best of the Senior Bowl group. That combination in its own puts him this high.

The issue is that at Wake Forest, he ran a college offense, that featured all RPOs. It is fair that he may be better at the RPO than Mitch Trubisky, but the rest of running an NFL offense is a complete unknown.

Newman transfered to Georgia to play in an NFL type offense, a move that could have changed his draft stock significantly. Unfortunately, he opted out due to COVID. Now, the Senior Bowl week will be what we rely on much more than his tape at Wake Forest. Can he run an NFL offense, and how much did he learn at Georgia.

This could turn him into the sleeper that the Bears will target.