Chicago Bears: Realistic sign-and-trade destinations for Allen Robinson

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Allen Robinson
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If things don’t improve in the relationship between Allen Robinson and the Chicago Bears, both sides could potentially come to an agreement on an unorthodox solution.

It all started before the 2020 season even began.

Robinson and the Bears were looking to get a deal done that could see him stay in Chicago for a long time. He had done a lot for the Bears in his short time with the organization, and fans had grown to love watching him. Why wouldn’t he stick around?

As history has proven before, the McCaskey’s are cheap. The Bears and Robinson could not come to an agreement on an extension, but talks picked up early on last season again.

Whether it was teammates or fans across social media, the movement was alive and well. People wanted Robinson around for the long haul. It should have happened.

But, it didn’t.

Fast forward to the end of the 2020 season and Robinson sounded like he was already one foot out the door. Robinson made public comments about the Bears “having their opportunity” at an extension before the season began. Now, time is up.

Free agency looms but the Bears could end up using the franchise tag. The other option isn’t seen very often, but Chicago could begin talks with other teams about executing a sign-and-trade involving Robinson. If the Bears can’t have him, why not try to get something in return?

Which teams could use a player like Robinson? In short, any team would love to have his services. But, there are a select few that make the most sense and also have the money to make it work.