3 roadblocks preventing DeShaun Watson to Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /
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Do the Chicago Bears have what it takes to trade for DeShaun Watson?

With the news that DeShaun Watson is asking for a trade, every team will be on the phone looking to see what he is worth. That includes the Chicago Bears who are obviously desperate for a quarterback. While it is true that desperation can bring out the most, it is also true that the Chicago Bears are going to have a hard time acquiring DeShaun Watson.

The question for them is not whether they want to do it, but whether they are the team that has what it takes to pull it off. The three reasons below may provide skepticism.

3. Draft capital

We know that it is going to take an arm and a leg to acquire DeShaun Watson. We also know that the Bears are a team that will go to limit to add a player via trade. However, in this case, the Bears may just not have the assets.

The best assets that the Texans can get from any team is draft picks. Players are great, but when you lose Watson, you are rebuilding and have to start over. They need picks. Picks like the second and third overall pick hold value that the Chicago Bears just do not have in their arsenal.

Think about it, how many future firsts do the Bears have to attach to their current pick to get to the number 3 overall pick? A couple. Now, there are rumors that the Dolphins may be dangling the number three pick to Houston. How can Chicago match that?

They would need three firsts just to match Miami and their one number 3 overall pick. Even then, Miami can throw in Tua, or another first-rounder, it puts the Bears in more of an uphill climb.

The Bears do not have a top ten pick, and they do not even have a plethora of picks. Even teams such as the Patriots and 49ers not only pick higher in round one, they also have more picks overall. All those years of Ryan Pace trading away pick really caught up.

So, could the Bears pay more than others for Watson? Yes. However, if a bidding war ensues, they do not have the draft capital that other teams do to make this happen.