Chicago Bears get Jimmy Garoppolo in these high-value trades

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Jimmy Garoppolo
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Jimmy Garoppolo comes to the Chicago Bears for a player and two picks

Let’s revisit the obvious: the 49ers dealing Garoppolo means that other teams know they’re going to do so, in efforts to upgrade the quarterback position. That fact alone means that Garoppolo may not be worth near the amount he was back when the Patriots traded him away.

If teams know the 49ers are even just a little desperate to trade him, they should take advantage. In this instance, the Bears not only get a pick along with Garoppolo but are able to shed a bit of salary from a player who has taken a big step backward.

Danny Trevathan’s salary is an average of $7.2 million per season over three years, with him having two of those years left to play. The Bears need room to not only find a quarterback but potentially re-sign Allen Robinson.

Still, Garoppolo’s contract is fairly tradable in comparison to other deals that have been handed out as of late. His cap hit this next season is going to be around $26 million, and next year is at $27 million.

Trevathan is not completely worthless, either. With a menacing pass rush, he can be an effective inside linebacker, even if he’s just there to add depth in his older age.