Chicago Bears: Is Ryan Pace legit about his words or is this fluff?

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The Chicago Bears general manager could be tricking us

We could say this is all true because they will be fired if it isn’t. I can understand that, but we assume that the owner would be upset with Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace’s plan for the future. They likely had a plan by the time that six-game losing streak ended. The word collaboration was a word used a lot when describing Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace by George McCaskey and Ted Phillips.

Ryan Pace hand-picked Matt Nagy for a reason, and it was not just his ability to run an Andy Reid offense (that hasn’t worked). Allen Robinson was not re-signed for a reason, in my opinion. Not just because of the contract, but because of the position he plays for the cost. Does Matt Nagy really believe that Allen Robinson is his future star receiver? Notice that everybody brought up Darnell Mooney, who is much more like Tyreek Hill (KC offense) than Robinson is.

Matt Nagy does not want to run this possession-style offense. Hold on, I am getting a bit off-topic. Quarterback is very important. I can’t stress that enough, but what was the Nagy handpicked (Nick Foles) quarterbacks issue? Was it not having enough time?

Nick Foles mentioned that he did not have enough time to work his magic.  A way to give Foles, an essentially immobile quarterback, time is to improve the tackle position. This 2021 NFL draft is loaded with tackles. The Chicago Bears have three underachieving tackles on the roster. I fully expect the Chicago Bears to hold onto Charles Leno and Bobbie Massie as long as they can to pursue others they think will be the tackles for 2021.

Ryan Pace can sit and take the best tackle available for the first-round pick and likely target another one on day two or three to double-down. A post-June 1st cut of Charles Leno will save the Chicago Bears $9 million, and Massie would save them $8 million.

Sure, some might want them off the books sooner, but that doesn’t maximize the cost savings. The question remains as more and more content creators share their thoughts on the Chicago Bears quarterback situation, is what do they do? Will they take a shot on a quarterback, or is it deception? Let’s go over some of the BGO community’s thoughts and see their ideas on this topic.