Chicago Bears Stay or Go: Demetrius Harris

Chicago Bears (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /

Should the Chicago Bears bring back Demetrius Harris or let him walk in free agency?

The Chicago Bears added three new names to their tight end room the last offseason. While Cole Kmet and Jimmy Graham were the big names, the depth was completed by adding Demetrius Harris. Harris wound up playing 216 defensive snaps and 117 special teams snaps in 2020.

Does his play warrant bringing him back?


We know that Matt Nagy trusts him from their days in Kansas City. Beyond that, what harm is it to have depth in the form of a player you trust? The reality is that with Jimmy Graham’s cap hit, he is going to need to sign a cheaper extension or be cut.

With Graham gone, it would not be great to reshape the tight end room once again aside from Cole Kmet. Keeping continuity and depth in the form of a player who knows the offense well as its value.

Besides that, he graded out as one of the top special team’s assets on the roster. Harris will come with a reasonable price tag, with experience, and with the added depth needed.


His 216 offensive snaps were the lowest he has played since his rookie season. Harris may be looked at as depth in Chicago, but he has viewed himself as a starter for years in the NFL. While the Bears may offer low for depth, other teams may see a low-end starter and offer more.

Beyond that, he brought little to Chicago. Of his snaps, only 27 came after week 8. Once Cole Kmet got adjusted to the NFL, he was just a special teamer.

When looking at his special team’s value, even that took a dip in snaps played compared to his recent seasons.

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While he graded well, he was ninth on the Chicago Bears roster in special teams snaps last season. A league minimum salary will never hurt, but Harris may feel that he was underused and could make a little bit more money. If Harris went to find a bigger role or a better opportunity, no one would blame him.