Chicago Bears should only consider J.J. Watt if these three things happen

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There are rumors out there now that J.J. Watt is going to be the next player on the move out of Houston. Obviously, finding a way to trade for Deshaun Watson is more important and should be much higher on Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears priority list than an aging defensive end.

However, J.J. Watt in a Chicago Bears uniform would be something most fans would love to see. The problem is, just because it sounds good and even looks great on paper, that does not mean it makes sense.

With a potential split between the Texans and J.J. Watt looming, fans and teams are going to be biting at the bit to add Watt despite his age and lack of production on the stat sheet over the last couple of years. Watt will be 32 years old during the 2021 season and likely towards the very end of his career.

Now, the Chicago Bears have not shied away from adding aging veteran pass rushers towards the end of their careers. The team signed Jared Allen at the age of 32 and Julius Peppers at the age of 30. Just last year, Ryan Pace brought in Robert Quinn at the age of 30. Could the Quinn signing, and statistical failure of signing him to a large contract, ruin any thoughts of adding Watt? Quinn was more productive heading into the 2020 offseason than Watt has been heading into 2021.

Ryan Pace must only consider adding J.J. Watt to the roster if these three things come to fruition this offseason. If even one of these three things does not happen, the answer must be no.