Are Chicago Bears most likely to trade for Derek Carr?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /

If the Las Vegas Raiders are serious about trading Derek Carr, the Chicago Bears will seriously be interested

Reports recently came out that the Las Vegas Raiders will at the very least listen to offers for Derek Carr. To be fair, the article also said that they would parlay their haul for Carr to land DeShaun Watson, which seems wishful. Still, for a quarterback thirsty team like the Chicago Bears, any time you hear quarterback you have to have an ear perk up.

Watson or not, the asking price for Carr is starting at two first-round picks, according to reports. There are teams who would trade for Carr, but how many would go that far? Or, how many would go further than Chicago?

When the Lions traded Matthew Stafford, rumors came that Denver, Carolina, Washington, the 49ers, and Colts all joined the Chicago Bears in gauging interest.

However, teams such as the 49ers, Colts, and Broncos were all hesitant to include one first-round pick, at least not without getting back more than just Stafford.

Washington and Carolina did offer a first-round pick but did not go to two firsts, and we do not know what Chicago offered.

With Jimmy Garoppolo signed, Drew Lock cheap, and the Colts being patient and not the team to overpay, you could count the three out on two firsts for Derek Carr, who has had an up and down career similar to Stafford.

While Washington and Carolina may be more apt to throw in another first-round pick with a younger Carr, you could argue that any trade surrounding Carr has Chicago on the inside track.

The inside track to Derek Carr

Chicago has a few things going for them. To start, unlike Stafford, they will not be phased out by a team in their division. Rumors swirled that a mystery team offered two firsts, and with most other teams offers out there, Chicago may have offered two firsts to get the Lions to trade Stafford within the division.

However, this will be more manageable. It also is with a team that Ryan Pace has done in the past involving two first-round picks. Both sides argue they won the trade, and both could go right back.  Ryan Pace is desperate to do this again, and you could argue no other team would go that far.

After watching the Senior Bowl, the Chicago Bears may have realized that they need to trade up for a quarterback, or trade for a quarterback.  At pick number eight, Carolina has a better shot at a quarterback than Chicago, and Washington, despite an outside shot, is still ahead of Chicago in the draft. When you think about it, both will cost two first-round picks. The Bears have to leap these teams, whether for Carr or in the draft.

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The Bears are more willing than any team in the NFL to trade two first-round picks for a starting quarterback. The Raiders could very well keep Derek Carr if the Watson smoke dies down.

However, with rumors that the Raiders are fielding calls for Derek Carr, you had better believe that the Chicago Bears are on the phone.