Chicago Bears: Historical mistakes could be made again

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The Chicago Bears must build through the draft, I beg of you

The Chicago Bears fan base is divided yet again, and maybe a splash trade for a big name target would spark the team well enough to get into contention. My question to a lot have been, why didn’t Ryan Pace talk to Deshaun Watson like he had with Mitch Trubisky and Patrick Mahomes?

Why is Deshaun Watson demanding a trade after signing a contract extension well after his number one target was traded for a bag of peanuts? Why are many Chicago Bears fans down on Ryan Pace for trading up for Trubisky when it is rumored that his number two option is one of the best talents to ever play in the NFL in Mahomes?

There are a lot of missing answers to all of this. Maybe history can be changed. Maybe the Chicago Bears could sell the farm for the quarterback they could have drafted in 2017.  The odds of that trade happening are as great as the odds of the Chicago Bears winning the Super Bowl with that quarterback.

If the Chicago Bears just needed Watson to win a Super Bowl with limited talent and draft capital, why could the Houston Texans not do the same? Why did the Chicago Bears beat the Texans, who have the greater quarterback talent?

I still believe that the damage was already done. If the Chicago Bears had drafted Watson or Mahomes in 2017, we might be having a different conversation, but it did not happen. I agree with former Chicago Bear Adewale Ogunleye that it is more about building a team to make it to the most important game of the year.

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If Aaron Rodgers isn’t the best example, having a future hall of fame quarterback doesn’t guarantee championships, then I don’t know what to tell you. If you are a fan and want to rub it in the Green Bay Packer’s face that the Bears beat them every year, then so be it. I personally want Super Bowl appearances and wins, not to dominate the NFC North only to fail every year.