Chicago Bears: 5 best-case scenario quarterback rooms

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Like the last offseason, the Chicago Bears have a quarterback dilemma. With only Nick Foles returning this season as Mitchell Trubisky tests free agency, the Bears desperately need to add quarterbacks to their roster.

Quite a few quarterbacks have been rumored to be traded this offseason as one has already happened (technically two) with the Los Angeles Rams swapping quarterbacks with the Detroit Lions while additionally sending the Lions two first-round picks.

On top of the trade market, the Bears additionally go look to free agency to get their quarterback of the future. Although the options aren’t very appealing outside of a few options, there are still a few that could be good.

Finally, the Bears can additionally address it through the draft. They are in a position to trade up if a quarterback falls or even take one at their spot or later on in the draft. Regardless, there are plenty of outlets to which the Bears can address their weakness at quarterback.

Chicago Bears Scenario No. 1: The signing of Dak Prescott

This is the best-case scenario for the Bears. Although Dak Prescott has faced plenty of scrutinies, he is a high-end quarterback at the age of 27. The Bears could lock up a franchise-caliber quarterback for years this offseason and it wouldn’t even require giving up future assets.

People can make the argument that Deshaun Watson is a better quarterback and even younger, but to get Watson, the Bears need to trade likely multiple first-round picks, second-round picks, and players as well. Prescott just needs to sign the papers. It would cost quite a lot, but it would be worth it.

Despite having a horrid coaching staff from year-to-year, Prescott has still been borderline elite. Specifically, last season, Prescott threw for nearly 5,000 yards and 30 touchdowns posting a 99.7 passer rating. He has never had a season where his passer rating fell below 86. He was off to an incredible 2020 season prior to his season-ending injury. He had 1,856 passing yards and nine touchdowns with a 99.6 passer rating in just 4.5 games.

Depth Chart:

  1. Dak Prescott
  2. Nick Foles
  3. Practice Squad free agent or rookie

The Bears would only need to carry two quarterbacks with the talent of Prescott and with their high-end back up in Foles. They should still carry one on the practice squad though in case of injury whether that is a seventh-round rookie or a player like Kyle Sloter.