Chicago Bears: 5 best-case scenario quarterback rooms

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Chicago Bears Scenario No. 3: Trade up for Trey Lance; Sign Tyrod Taylor

The Bears could additionally trade up in the draft for Trey Lance if he falls into a range where they don’t have to give up too much. If he falls outside of the top 10, it would likely only require two first-round picks to move up just outside of the top 10. For example, the Houston Texans traded their 25th overall pick and their 2018 first-round pick to move up to pick no. 12 to take Deshaun Watson.

Trading up is a major risk, but the Bears need to take their shot at quarterback. Lance arguably has the highest floor of any quarterback in this draft with elite arm strength and athletic ability. The FCS product threw for 28 touchdowns and zero interceptions in 2019 while additionally rushing for 14 touchdowns.

Additionally, adding Tyrod Taylor would be a cheap veteran option to give solid competition to Nick Foles to start and they could compete to be the bridge quarterback for Lance. Lance likely won’t be ready as a rookie at all, but sitting a season or two could help him develop correctly.

Depth Chart:

  1. Tyrod Taylor
  2. Nick Foles
  3. Trey Lance

The Bears would likely carry three quarterbacks all season while having Lance listed as inactive for most, if not all of the games barring an injury to either quarterback. This would be similar to what Green Bay did with Jordan Love.