Chicago Bears get in on Kirk Cousins trade buzz with these deals

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Kirk Cousins
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The Chicago Bears land Kirk Cousins in a package centered around picks

In the past, Pace has proven he’s been able to get just a little bit more out of trades. By that, I mean he is able to squeeze an extra pick out of the other team. Whether it’s a notable round pick is up for debate, but Pace has at least been able to gain a little more capital in previous deals.

This one is going to be a haul for the Vikings, but the Bears are somehow able to squeeze a third-round pick out of the Vikings to go along with Cousins.

Chicago gives up this year’s first, next year’s first, this year’s fifth, and next year’s fourth in exchange for Cousins and a third rounder this year.

One thing to remember in talking quarterback trades is the fact that the current market will likely demand multiple firsts in a deal for a solidified starting quarterback. Sure, Matthew Stafford commanded two first rounders and Jared Goff, but part of that was to get rid of the Goff contract.

Cousins is right around the same level of talent as Stafford, whether fans want to admit that fact. He’s always been an above-average quarterback who has put up top-12 numbers year-in and year-out. The Bears would be a much, much better team with Cousins under center and this haul would be well worth it.