Chicago Bears: Predicting how the quarterback carousel shakes out

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Deshaun Watson
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The Chicago Bears have a small, outside shot at Deshaun Watson

Contract situation: 5 years left Ι $33.6 million AAV

The top name and most talented quarterback available among the trade rumors is easily Deshaun Watson. Watson is a top-five quarterback in the league and immediately transcends this team into a Super Bowl contender. Watson also puts the Chicago Bears on pace to stand atop the NFC North for years to come and help dethrone the Packers after years and years of dominance over the North.

When we look at the quarterback carousel, Watson is the cream of the crop. He would be the newest, shiniest stallion on the ride. This means he will cost a fortune too. After seeing the Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff swap, Watson’s price may have gone up even more.

At a minimum, Watson will cost a first-round pick this season, plus two future first-round picks. That said, any team that might have multiple first-rounders could throw in a fourth plus more. This alone is likely going to put the Chicago Bears out of the conversation.

Watson probably will not be traded until much closer to the 2021 NFL Draft, which also could cause a problem for teams interested in him. How long will a team hold out on making a move at the quarterback position? Patience could be key in acquiring Watson this offseason. I do believe Houston moves him though as Watson continues to pressure them for a trade.

Predicted landing spot: New York Jets or Miami Dolphins