Chicago Bears: Thoughts as Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy get ready for the offseason

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Chicago Bears, 2021 NFL Draft
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Ryan Pace needs to lead the Chicago Bears to a new

Deshaun Watson to the Chicago Bears will be a big talk until it isn’t. Talking about Ryan Pace this much, this last week goes back to that 2017 draft. Had Ryan Pace picked him in the first place, more people would understand his thoughts. Unfortunately, he did not draft the most pro-ready quarterback of that draft.

I still ask, why is Ryan Pace making it so obvious that he is looking to gain a highly talented quarterback. Either he wants people to know, or he is doing being secretive about things because that hasn’t worked in the past.

Now to play general manager. If I were Ryan Pace this season, instead of trying to fix mistakes, I would move on to the future. I would be risky in the draft. Watson sounds like a great idea, but Pace had his chance to grab him in 2017. Making the same mistake, the Chicago Bears did to acquire Jay Cutler would be that same mistake all over again.

The Chicago Bears need to do something different. Do what needs to be done in the free agency and plug the needed holes. The next step would be to acquire the Chicago Bears’ future franchise quarterback.

I am not big on Trey Lance or Mac Jones, but if that is the guy my head coach wants, I will bring them in. It sounds easier said than done, but it would cost less and is more beneficial. If any of the top quarterbacks fall and my coach says this is my guy, I would jump on that train and ride it until I fall off.

The tackle position needs to be addressed, but this is one of those rare years where a team can find an elite tackle well into day two of the draft. More on them in the future, but trust me, there are many talented tackles in this class.