Chicago Bears: Thoughts as Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy get ready for the offseason

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The Chicago Bears need to not panic

The 2021 NFL draft class is loaded with tackles, slot-styled shifty receivers, and game managing quarterbacks. I know most of you do not want to hear me rant on about game-managers, but I truly believe that is what the Chicago Bears are missing.

Mitch Trubisky wasn’t a game-manager; he is an athlete. Rex Grossman was a gunslinger. Kyle Orton was on the verge of figuring out how to be a game-manager before he was traded. The talks of high-ceiling quarterbacks every year gives me a headache.

Remember when people talked about how well Gardner Minshew was playing and how well Taylor Heinicke was playing in the playoffs. Just imagine that success but sustained. Before you judge that it can’t be sustained, I hope you could look at the hall of fame quarterback Troy Aikman and (puke) future hall of fame nominee Eli Manning’s tape.

Troy Aikman was the definition of character and leadership. If you look up his scouting report, you will see that he has great mechanics and is as competitive as they come. The game’s mental side came easy to Aikman, and he could throw the fastball or mix in his speeds allowing his receivers to catch the ball.

Nothing like John Elway’s scouting report that talked about mobility, arm strength, and being able to make every NFL throw. Diamonds in the rough are found every year in every round. Maybe it is time Ryan Pace took a quarterback in day three to see if he can find that next best thing.

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Learning from Nick Foles could benefit that young player groom into becoming the ultimate weapon. This draft class is more than just the top 5, Jamie Newman, Kellen Mond, etc. Some really intriguing prospects are not getting recognition because of how crazy this college season and offseason will be.