Ryan Pace does not deserve benefit of doubt for QB choice

Chicago Bears - Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports /

Rumors have swirled that the Chicago Bears are interested in trading for Carson Wentz. The return has ranged anywhere from the Eagles offloading picks to get him off their cap to the Bears sending a first-round pick. It is safe to say that we are still a bit away from getting the actual reports.

However, when the Bears make their decision, you know that there will be plenty of discussions on both sides. Still, no matter who Ryan Pace chooses, it is hard to say that he earned the trust of the fan base to give it a shot.

You could look at Carson Wentz and say that in a new system, with a new coach and a new situation, he can get back to the 2017 form. However, that is an optimistic lens. The question is, what has Pace done to deserve that sort of optimism?

This is a GM who has butchered the QB position every step of the way. He traded for Nick Foles when many thought he would get cut, and he now may be outbidding himself for a quarterback many teams are afraid to take on.

Bears fans can and will be optimistic once they make their move. However, with Ryan Pace being the one making the decision everything has to be taken with a grain of salt.

The Chicago Bears very well may not fix Carson Wentz. There is a good chance that they will overpay for him and it will not work out. The Matt Nagy offense may not do anything to bring him back to his best play.

This has to be the realistic lens that Bears fans are dealing with. When I write for this site, I am attempting to predict what will happen, not give my opinion on what I would do. Often, I get readers in the comments saying that this would be an idiotic decision and I have no clue what I am talking about. Sometimes, I even agree that it seems like a bad idea, but I do not care what I think. I care about what Ryan Pace thinks and what he may do. Weeks later, the Chicago Bears did what I said. Where are those commentators? They are now justifying the decision they said was too dumb to ever happen.

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This is where Chicago Bears fans have to draw the line. Do not just buy into the next quarterback because he is the next quarterback. Do not just believe Ryan Pace because you hope he is right. His track record is bad, and he has a chance to make another mistake soon.