If Carson Wentz comes, do Chicago Bears ship Nick Foles out?

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Rumors have grown that the Philadephia Eagles are going to trade Carson Wentz. The list of suitors is limited, and there is a good case to be made that the Chicago Bears are the top potential team to land Wentz.

That immediately brings up an interesting dynamic consider the Bears just traded for Nick Foles last season. If you are reading this, you probably do not need me to explain the significance of Carson Wentz starting with Nick Foles being the backup.

It brings a serious question as to whether or not the Bears will trade Foles in a package for Wentz, or right after trading for Wentz.

Wentz has said that he and Foles are friends, and to be honest, Foles comes off as such a likable person that it would be hard to assume there would be drama in the room.

However, it is still weird. Two straight years Nick Foles led an Eagles team to the playoffs while an injured Wentz watched. Wentz wants out of Philadelphia in part because the team drafted Jalen Hurts, and he did not want to look at over his shoulder.

He may like Foles, but how can he not look over his shoulder when it is Nick Foles standing right there. Even if Wentz says he is fine with it, is that something the Bears really want to do?

Just rebuild a quarterback room from Philadelphia four years ago?

Beyond that, the Bears also should be looking to convince Wentz to restructure his contract. It would be even harder to accomplish that when Foles has incentives in his deal right behind him.

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The familiarity would be great, and both are interested in Chicago due to John DeFilippo. Still, the Chicago Bears, Carson Wentz, and Nick Foles should all be able to understand that if Wentz comes in, Nick Foles very likely has to go out.