Four moves the Chicago Bears must make if team trades for Carson Wentz

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Carson Wentz
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If the rumors are true and the Chicago Bears are the team trading for Carson Wentz, then three coordinating moves must be made this offseason. Right now, everything involved with the Carson Wentz rumors is purely speculation. Most have the Chicago Bears and the Colts as the two teams leading the charge in trading for Wentz.

These two teams do make the most sense when you think about it. The Colts would be the better landing spot for Wentz, who is very familiar with head coach Frank Reich. Reich was the offensive coordinator of the Eagles in 2016 and 2017. 2017 was when Wentz was on pace to win league MVP and it was also the season the Eagles won the Super Bowl. Reich and the Colts just saw an early exit in the 2020 playoffs with Philip Rivers under center, but River has decided to retire.

The Chicago Bears are not the best fit for Carson Wentz

The Chicago Bears make some sense too. John DeFilippo is also familiar with Carson Wentz. He was the quarterbacks coach of the Eagles during the same span as Reich. The reports that Wentz is uncoachable must not mean as much as people think if indeed his two former coaches are looking to acquire him in a trade. Plus, coach Matt Nagy is closely connected to the Eagles’ former head coach Doug Pederson. You’d think he would have called him prior to any trade for Wentz.

The problem with Chicago is that they suffer from the same issues as the Eagles offense. The offensive line, although improved towards the end of the season, is suspect. If the team loses Allen Robinson this offseason, then the wide receivers corps is just as bad, if not worse than what Carson Wentz had with the Eagles in 2020.

There are also plenty of reports and rumors floating around regarding what it would take to land Carson Wentz in a trade. We should find out soon, but here’s what is floating around out there in the rumor mill.

As you can see, rumors are a little bit all over the place. There are plenty of moving parts at play in any trade, but this one is even worse. In fact, it makes little sense to give up too much for Carson Wentz in the Eagles are seriously wanting to move on from him. Before we get into that, let’s start by looking at the first (somewhat multiple) move the Chicago Bears must make if this trade goes through, shall we?