5 reasons Chicago Bears expected to land Carson Wentz

Chicago Bears (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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As reports have emerged that the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts are the two biggest contenders to trade for Carson Wentz, the question is which one will be the final suitor.

There are a few thoughts that could string together to lead you to believe that the Bears, and not the Colts are in the driver seat for Wentz. The question may be whether or not a mystery team will jump in, and if not, the Chicago Bears should expect to land Carson Wentz. Here is why.

5. Desperation

We know it, you know, the Eagles know it. The Bears need a quarterback. So do the Indianapolis Colts. However, on the Colts side, they lean to patience. Beyond that, job security is not quite as worrisome right now.

Think back to the Matthew Stafford trade. Reports were that the Colts of all teams were hesitant to include a first-round pick. Other teams were adding to their first-round pick, and those teams picked ahead of Indy. The Bears were reported to have been a team interested in moving a first for Stafford.

The Colts did make a splash for DeForest Buckner, although only losing a first-round pick. Buckner is not as good as Mack overall, but it is close enough to say that Pace may have overpaid for Mack, especially in relation to the value the Colts got.

Still, we know that Pace is more wreckless with picks than Chris Ballard beyond trade packages for stars. Pace throws away future picks like candy. Anthony Miller, David Montgomery, and Trevis Gipson all cost the Bears future draft assets in the past three seasons respectively. The Colts on the other hand hoard draft picks.

Pace traded up for Leonard Floyd, he traded up for Mitch Trubisky, he is going to be more open to trading a first-round pick for a quarterback than Ballard. As noted, nobody in Indy is calling for the job of Ballard either.

He does not feel as though he has to make a move this offseason. Pace does and will beat Ballard in a bidding war.