5 reasons Chicago Bears expected to land Carson Wentz

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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy
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2. Matt Nagy sign off

The Chicago Bears talked about collaborating on a quarterback this offseason. They said it a dozen times between the four biggest decision-makers in the building. That means that this is not just a Ryan Pace decision. Mitch Trubisky was a Ryan Pace decision.

Matt Nagy had a say in Nick Foles and has a say in adding Carson Wentz. When Andy Reid was asked about Wentz in 2018, he noted that the Chiefs were close to trading up for him. They traded up for Mahomes the year after, but Reid and his GM Brett Veach looked long and hard at Carson Wentz.

Obviously, Wentz went second in the draft where Mahomes went 10th, so we will never know if KC would have pulled the trigger if Wentz fell as Mahomes did. Still, it does make sense that KC liked him, considering Doug Pederson, who drafted him, came from KC.

Still, Brett Veach annoyed Andy Reid about Carson Wentz. Surely Veach and Reid shared their thoughts on Wentz with offensive coordinator Matt Nagy. Nagy may only get one shot at his true signal-caller. He did not choose Trubisky and Foles was a stopgap. If the Chicago Bears choose Carson Wentz, this is on Matt Nagy.