Chicago Bears: Super Bowl LV proves Ryan Pace must follow this draft strategy

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Patrick Mahomes
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The Super Bowl is over and the Chicago Bears were once again outsiders. Hopefully, Ryan Pace was paying close attention though as the game itself alluded to something very important. Watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dominate the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday was not something many had expected to see. However, this is exactly what happened.

Many Chiefs fans will look to the referees and say that Tom Brady was in their pockets. They will claim that the fact this game was essentially a home game and Tom Brady was the bigger story led to the NFL being too “hands-on” with the game.

If you watched the game from start to finish, there were definitely some bad calls and missed calls. This happens in nearly every football game. The thing is, the Chiefs came out flat and the Bucs played a physical game. A game that honestly reminds me more of what the Chicago Bears try to do as a franchise, as opposed to a team, built more on finesse.

There’s nothing wrong with being a finesse-type of a team. Look at what the Chiefs did last year and this year. They have some physical players on the roster too, do not get me wrong, but when you look at that offense it is all about flash and speed. Unfortunately, it was not enough to defeat the Bucs on Sunday and now we will see how many of the players can return for Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes in 2021.

Watching this game led to a discussion within the Bear Goggles On group. This discussion has also led me to believe that Ryan Pace should now follow a specific draft strategy in 2021 no matter how the team tackles the quarterback position (Note: trading away the 20th overall pick will affect this strategy slightly).