Chicago Bears: Super Bowl LV proves Ryan Pace must follow this draft strategy

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The Chicago Bears and Ryan Pace must improve the trenches or continue to fail

The main point of this whole thing is that even the best quarterbacks will struggle if no one on the offensive line can block for them. We heard Nick Foles make reference this season to knowing he would not have enough time to make a throw/play when he was given a play call from the sidelines. Not good for a quarterback who ranked fourth in the NFL with 2.51 seconds to throw the ball.

The Bears offensive line is not as bad as Foles make it out to be, but not great either. If this team wants to become a contender every year and not a once every few years when the ball bounces the right way type of contender, then the offensive line needs to see a bigger focus. Building through the draft makes the most sense here too.

Ryan Pace must look at this 2021 NFL Draft and focus on one big area of need — offensive tackle. I am not certain the Bears will be able to find a way to move on from both Charles Leno and Bobby Massie. Massie is for sure gone, and honestly, I can see Leno being pushed to the right side if he stays. This will all depend on the 2021 NFL Draft, but the focus with the 20th overall pick and honestly also the 52nd-overall pick should be offensive tackle.

If the Bears are indeed trading the 20th-overall pick, that’s fine as long as the return is worth it. I am perfectly fine if it means the team is landing Deshaun Watson. I’m even okay with it if the team is getting Carson Wentz or Derek Carr, but if it means Wentz, I want the Eagles to give up their second-round (37th overall) pick in return. I know, I am expecting too much here. This is also why I’m afraid Leno is not going anywhere.

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This draft is deep at offensive tackle, but I want one or two to come from the first two picks the Bears own. This is how the team will start to develop and become better rather quickly. Unfortunately, desperation has kicked in and I have a feeling Pace will ignore this strategy altogether. That would be the wrong move. The outcome of Super Bowl LV was proof enough.