The danger of trading future picks for Carson Wentz

Chicago Bears (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

There have been plenty of rumors that the Chicago Bears are the team that is likely to land Carson Wentz. However, the return has been everywhere. Some have said the Eagles will only move for two firsts, while other rumors include Tarik Cohen and Nick Foles in the deal.

Other rumors have noted that the Bears are working hard to keep their 20th overall pick. That would potentially mean trading a first-round pick in 2022 for Wentz.

This makes sense for Ryan Pace. There is a chance he will not even be here in 2022, and he needs to win in 2021. He needs that pick, and who cares if this fails.

However, if Pace is looking out for the best interest of the franchise, he has to care if this thing fails.

In trading for Carson Wentz, there is a physical upside, but at the same time a starter quarterback who helped a team land the 6th overall pick. You could argue that the Bears roster would not let it fall that hard, but the Eagles said the same thing. The Bears have questions on the offensive line, moving pieces on defense, and they do not have their top pass-catcher signed. Wentz has a track record of injuries and is coming off an all-time poor season.

It is fair to consider the Bears will get Wentz and improve from their 20th overall pick standing in 2021. Maybe they will trade a 25th overall pick in 2022. However, there is still a chance that becomes the 6th overall pick in 2022. That would be even worse of a disaster than anyone could possibly imagine. All of a sudden an easy chance to fix the quarterback by picking in the top 10 turns into a franchise-altering trade that helps the Eagles.

The Bears have to recognize the chance that this does not go well. As bad as they do not want to lose the 20th overall pick they have to recognize the potential that they are giving up a bigger haul next year.

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A Super Bowl in 2021 would be great but Ryan Pace has to act as if he needs assets in 2022 and beyond to build a stable winner. The Bears should seriously consider not trading any 2022 picks, especially picks that could turn into top 10 assets.