Chicago Bears should offer one of these trades for Orlando Brown

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Orlando Brown
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Lastly, the Chicago Bears could look to entice the Ravens with a first-round pick

If the Bears wanted to try and just get a trade done without having to deal with potential competition, they could offer something a little more aggressive. Some might even suggest trading their first-rounder straight up for Brown, but due to the fact that he would then need an extension, Baltimore should be able to afford a later pick back to the Bears.

The Bears are then without their first-round pick, and will still need to address the quarterback position. But, how much faith does the fan base actually have in Pace and company doing that?

The positive, here, is that the Bears have an opportunity to land a staple in their offense for years to come. If the Bears are able to work out an extension with Brown, then he’ll be around for a while. Let’s say Chicago doesn’t fix their quarterback problem this offseason — at least not for the future.

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Next year, when they inevitably draft a quarterback, that rookie will already know he’ll be protected well on Brown’s side.