Chicago Bears: 5 mistakes the Bears must avoid in the offseason

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The Chicago Bears must not allow Allen Robinson to leave or at least replace him

This one could have easily finished higher on the list. Allen Robinson is a stud, we all know this, but I think the offense will feel his absence if he walks in free agency.

There are a number of guys like T.Y. Hilton that have been mentioned as possible replacements, but Hilton is pushing his 30’s while Robinson is still 27. If he leaves then Chicago is left with Darnell Mooney and Anthony Miller at the position while Cordarrelle Patterson remains a free agent.

The franchise tag for Robinson would cost $16,430,000 via Over The Cap. The former Jaguar enters his third contract, but it should mean something to Bears fans that he chose this city over going to play in Green Bay. I understand he wants to play for an accurate quarterback and that there’s always the possibility of a sign and trade, but then I saw rumors of him going to the Las Vegas Raiders for Marcus Mariota and Tyrell Williams — although not necessarily from reliable sources.

Even if substantiated, does this trade really improve the Chicago Bears? Tyrell Williams missed all of last season with a shoulder injury and Marcus Mariota played a couple of good games out of relief last season. I’m sure the Raiders would love this trade, but the truth is that there’s no replacing a guy like Robinson.

I am speaking to Ryan Pace again. Sit down with Robinson, formulate a contract, and ask him what achievable quarterback he wants slinging him the rock. The Bears’ worst-case scenario is that he walks and the team still doesn’t find a quarterback.

I would like to think that given Matt Nagy’s background with Kansas City, he wouldn’t be too fond of that situation. Let’s keep the guys that have been producing for the offense and work in talent around them.