Chicago Bears trade for Carson Wentz in these possible deals

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If possible, the Chicago Bears hold onto their first-round picks

Rumor has it that the Eagles are going to start to lose suitors if they don’t decide on a trade soon, so maybe that works in the Bears’ favor. Ideally, the Bears do not let go of a single first-round pick.

A few days ago, there were plenty of reports stating that Philadelphia would like to receive multiple first-rounders in return for Wentz. They reportedly wanted a Matthew Stafford type of return — which truly is not realistic whatsoever. The Stafford trade was a one-off because of the contract the Lions were taking on in Jared Goff.

For that reason, this trade sees the Bears give up three picks, but one of them are firsts. Maybe it’s a bit of a low-ball, but I’m certain Bears fans would be thrilled with the outcome.

If the Eagles really are losing interest, they might risk losing suitors altogether. If they wanted plenty of draft capital in return, then they take a deal like this. A second, third and sixth-round pick along with a hero to the city in Nick Foles seems like a fine package for the Bears to give up.

Is it exactly what Philadelphia coveted to begin with? Of course not. But, this might be the type of deal Philadelphia ends up settling for in the end. We may not know the extent of what they truly thought they could obtain in a deal for Wentz, but this would be fair for both sides, all things considered.