Chicago Bears trade for Carson Wentz in these possible deals

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The Chicago Bears could get desperate and include a first-rounder for Carson Wentz

If the other suitors were still involved and aggressive, then the Bears would have to forfeit a first-round pick in this deal. However, they would not be left high and dry. I do not see a world where Ryan Pace trades a first-round pick, plus more, and doesn’t get an additional pick in return.

Giving up the no. 20 pick overall in this year’s draft would hurt, but the Bears would supposedly have their quarterback position “solved,” for now.

In addition to giving up their first this year, the Bears give up a fourth-rounder in 2022, along with Foles. However, Pace gets a third-round pick this year out of Philadelphia, which gives the Bears three picks in the first three rounds, still.

With that pick in the second, and a pair of picks in the third, the Bears could then go after positions like tackle, safety and maybe wide receiver. Heck, maybe they go quarterback as well early on. Not giving Wentz any ideas about locking down his future might be a good idea.

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Push Wentz, get yourself a backup and maybe a future starter, and call it a day.