3 reasons J.J. Watt will not sign with Chicago Bears

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J.J Watt has not been the same player

J.J. Watt is going to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Still, after a clean bill of health and a record-breaking start to his career, Watt has not been the same since 2016 when he was 27 years old. In the past five years, he has missed 13, 11, 0, 8, and 0 games respectively. In one of his healthy seasons he put up 16 sacks, but last year that number was down to five. On a per snap basis, his pressure rate was way down compared to 2019 that ended in injury.

J.J. Watt has played 10 seasons and has 101 sacks. Only 26.5 have come in the past five seasons. His first five seasons are legendary, but this is not the same player.

This goes back to the reality that he is not an addition that puts Chicago over the top. He helps rotate and bring power to the defensive line that already had a strong rotation.

This is not to say he is not worth signing. Some team who is close to the top may be able to overpay him and use him as a piece that puts them over the edge. His impact is not great enough to show in Chicago.