Chicago Bears miss out on Carson Wentz, what is next?

Chicago Bears - Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears were one of two teams linked to a Carson Wentz trade over the last few weeks. The Colts seemed to always be the front runner and the Eagles were clearly trying to play the two teams against each other in an attempt to start a bidding war.

Welp, that did not work and the Colts have officially traded for Carson Wentz. The Eagles wanted a king’s ransom in return for Carson Wentz, but that was not happening. In fact, the team might not even get a single first-round pick after rumors were that Howie Roseman wanted two.

It is possible that the Colts’ conditional second-round pick in 2022 becomes a first. However, even if it was a first-round pick, it is hard to believe the 2017 Super Bowl champs have already dismantled the team this much. This seems like an undersell for a former second-overall pick who was once considered an MVP candidate.

I honestly was on board with the Chicago Bears trading for Carson Wentz as long as it did not include a first-rounder. I would have been perfectly okay with them giving up the same picks that the Colts did. I would assume that the Eagles would have thought the Bears would be the worse team between the two and went with the Bears had the offer been equal.

What do the Chicago Bears do now that they missed out on Carson Wentz?

That said, this is now in the rearview mirror for the Chicago Bears and Bears fans. The question is…now what?

There seem to be plenty of quarterback rumors still out there for the Chicago Bears and Bears fans to jump on. Which ones will actually happen, who knows. Our guess is as good as yours. With some conductive reasoning though, there are a few options that probably do not make sense.

Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace are fighting to keep their jobs beyond 2021. This means unless they can land a proven, seasoned veteran, it is likely the team will role out with Nick Foles and maybe a rookie. Other possibilities still include trading for Derek Carr (unlikely), Deshaun Watson (keep dreaming), or Sam Darnold (tough sell). They could outbid the Saints (or another team) for Jameis Winston or look to Ryan Fitzpatrick or Andy Dalton.

Honestly, even the 2021 NFL Draft is looking less appealing as an opportunity. The top three quarterbacks are likely out of reach. Plus, why would Pace and Nagy bet the farm on a rookie to save their jobs? We as fans might want them to make that type of splash, but remember they have to do what’s best for them this season. Will they take on a risk like that by trading up from 20 into the top 10? Maybe, but doubtful when at least seven other teams ahead of them need a QB.

Four first-round dream scenarios for the Bears. dark. Next

Seeing what is out there, I was starting to come around to the idea of Carson Wentz in a Chicago Bears uniform. The team could have used his services more than Nick Foles in 2021. Seeing what the Colts gave up makes me a little frustrated. I have a feeling this team is stuck with the likes of trading for Marcus Mariota (no thanks) or just sticking with Foles and running back the 2020 team once again. Get ready for more mediocrity and another rebuild to start soon if that happens.