Chicago Bears: 4 Dream scenarios in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft

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A top-4 quarterback falls outside of the top-12 and the Chicago Bears trade up

If this happens, Ryan Pace needs to call up whoever is up and immediately trade up. My expectation is that either Justin Fields or Trey Lance would be the guys to fall outside of the top 15 as some NFL teams believe Zach Wilson is better than even Trevor Lawrence.

Lance would be a great building block for the future. He has all the intangibles and physical traits to be an elite quarterback at the next level. He has incredible athleticism that may only be matched by Lamar Jackson from the quarterback position in the NFL. On top of this, he has an incredible touch on the ball and great arm strength. He is a project though that needs more experience and fine-tuning given his limited experience in FCS football.

Fields is likely an NFL-ready candidate in the NFL. He additionally is a well-rounded quarterback with a great blend of athleticism, arm talent, mental game, and accuracy. He’s a confident quarterback that trusts his arm and can absolutely tear it up at the next level if he plays up to his potential. He will likely be rough at first transitioning to the NFL, but he can be a franchise quarterback.

Both of these quarterbacks are worthy of a trade-up. Although Bears’ fans grimace at the idea of a Pace trade-up as he constantly does this, this would warrant it for the Bears. These two give the Bears an extremely high-ceiling rookie quarterback that they can build around.