Is Samuel Cosmi a round one talent in 2021 NFL draft?

Chicago Bears - Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports /

Samuel Cosmi was a three-year starter for the Texas Longhorns. He started at right tackle as a redshirt freshman in  2018, but after Conner Williams ascended to the NFL, Cosmi replaced him as the starter at left tackle from 2019 through 2020. With that in mind, Cosmi has played over 2,500 college snaps, over 1,200 pass protection reps according to PFF.

With versatility at tackle and experience, Samuel Cosmi could be a player that the Chicago Bears look at in the 2021 NFL draft. How does he stack up to the rest of the class, and how would he fit into the Chicago Bears offense?

Traits that Samuel Cosmi can translate to the NFL

Cosmi is athletic, and that is for sure. You can seem full out sprinting down the field to lead the way as a blocker, but Texas also put the ball in his hands, and he scored from 10 yards out. That athleticism is on display in pass protection as well.

His recovery footwork is some of the fastest in the class, and it is really hard to get outside on Cosmi as he can continue to turn defenders upfield.Watch the combination of technique and strength in the play below. He is able to turn around the defender while working him upfield, keeping the pocket clean.

Cosmi also has strong redirection agility and Is able to handle double moves and counters to the inside. Cosmi also is patient in stunts and picking up blitzes.

His combination of size and quick feet give him a high ceiling, while the experience in pass protection puts a cap on a strong profile.

Weakness that Samuel Cosmi will have to address in the NFL

Cosmi is a player who seems to work on the idea of getting the job done, no matter how pretty it looks. He is not the most technically sound lineman and often can make things harder on himself. His feet are choppy in his initial release, and he often loses balance.

He is a tall lineman, but more thin-framed, and when he loses good foot positioning, bull rushers can beat him. Beyond that, he can fall off of a defensive lineman as a run blocker due to his poor technique. He has always been effective, so it is hard to knock him, but it appeared he relied on his traits and athleticism, and when the playing field evens, he could struggle.

NFL Comparison for Samuel Cosmi

When thinking of comparisons for Cosmi you have to start with a tall, long, lineman who does not have the weight but has great athleticism. One name that makes a lot of sense when looking at recent lineman drafted is Taylor Decker.

Decker had a lot of the same questions coming out as well. Some saw him as a multi-year starter at Ohio State with an impeccable stat sheet but others questioned if his technique would translate to the NFL. It dropped him a bit, but only to pick 16.

Decker still has missed in pass protection and is not the perfect lineman by any standard. However, you cannot knock his athleticism at the position, and he is completely fine to rely on as a starter in the NFL. He did not get completely cleaned up, but Cosmi can see a future in the NFL like Decker with a few technical refinements and more experience in the NFL.

How does Samuel Cosmi fit the Chicago Bears?

The book on Ryan Pace is that he swings on high upside players in the first round. He has not drafted an offensive tackle yet, but that is a premium position behind pass rusher and quarterback and he has taken shots at both of them early. When looking at offensive lineman with some of the higher ceilings, Cosmi could be it.

If he is able to work out in Pro Day drills he will likely put up wowing numbers and show a ceiling of a top-tier tackle who can handle anyone with speed. His athletic upside and position value makes him in play for round one. However, most draft analysts view him as a  late first, early second-round pick, and think that pick 20 would be a bit high.

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Could Cosmi fall to the second round, and could the Bears afford to hope that he falls? The good news is that this is a deep tackle class.

Nonetheless, the most intriguing aspect of Cosmi is that he started at right tackle and shifted over to the left side after a year. Bobby Massie is more injured and easier to let go than Charles Leno in 2021. So the Chicago Bears could look to have Cosmi compete to start at right tackle as a rookie, and then hope that in 2022 that they can shift him into left tackle as their future at the position.