Chicago Bears: ESPN NFL Insider predicting a new QB in Chicago?

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The Colts just acquired Carson Wentz which leaves one less quarterback on the board for the Bears. Trevor Laurence, Zach Wilson, and Justin Fields are all projected to be high first-round picks. Laurence will most likely be the first pick and then this is when it gets interesting. The Jets have the second-overall pick and have been rumored to go in a couple of different directions.

Although the Jets have Sam Darnold, there are reports that they are going to ship him out of New York. If this is the case, then they will most likely draft BYU quarterback Zach Wilson. Darnold is a former third-overall pick and could benefit from a change of scenario.

The Jets never helped Darnold with a consistent offensive line or wide receiver corps. The team’s No. 1 receiver was Jamison Crowder and let’s not forget their head coach Adam Gase. Crowder has been pretty good but he’s no number one receiver and the Jets know that.

So now that brings the question “Who Will Sam Darnold play for in 2021?” ESPN’s NFL Insider Field Yates predicts that Sam Darnold will end up repping blue and orange.

What would acquiring Sam Darnold cost the Chicago Bears?

The Jets were rumored to be wanting a late first-round pick for Darnold. The Bears currently hold the 20th pick and could work to make a deal around it.

This is really interesting because anything can happen. The Eagles reportedly wanted at least a first-round pick for Wentz. Today, the Colts got him for a third-round pick and a second (that could potentially turn into a first).

This is a good haul but it’s a lot less than what the Eagles were asking for. This opens up the possibilities to acquire Darnold for a  cheaper price. Maybe even unload Khalil Mack in a trade, which would dump his ginormous salary.

It’s not like I wouldn’t love to have Derek Carr or Deshaun Watson but the CCBears need their first-round picks. If the Bears can find a way to get Sam Darnold without giving up a first, then I think they should pull the trigger.

Trubisky has likely played his last down in a Chicago Bears uniform and we have seen how Nick Foles will play out.  Just for the sake of giving something else a chance.

Will there actually be a difference in quarterback play?

We all know how Mitch Trubisky was in a Bears uniform. If you just look at statistics, then you might want to look away Bears fans.

Sam Darnold has thrown for 45 touchdowns, 39 interceptions, with a little over 8,000 passing yards in three seasons. Granted, Darnold has been hurt a couple of games but he has only thrown for over 3,000 yards once. (3,024 yards). He hasn’t eclipsed 19 touchdowns yet either. That might not seem like someone you would want as your next quarterback, but look who he’s had with him.

Darnold has had arguably the worst coach in football in Adam Gase. His number one running back was 37-year-old Frank Gore. His top two receivers were Jameson Crowder and Breshad Perriman. Not only that, but Darnold is still only 23 years old.

The Jets set up Darnold for failure and a new city is just what the young quarterback out of USC needs. I’m not saying he will be a Pro Bowler on the Bears but it’s possible that the change could revive his career. The Chicago Bears really don’t have much going for them and need to do something if they want to compete.

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Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy know their jobs again are on the line and might look into bringing in someone like Darnold. I think if you give Darnold some protection and weapons, he could succeed in this league.