Chicago Bears: The truth about the future at quarterback

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Drafting a quarterback will be a difficult road for the Chicago Bears too

The other best option is to draft a quarterback that they can develop. Nagy will most likely only be here for one more year, so drafting a rookie and putting him behind a veteran quarterback could be a great way to bring in a bright coach who can develop a quarterback.

It is important to note that Nagy did not choose to draft Trubisky as he was brought in the next offseason. Maybe if Nagy can bring in someone of his liking he can develop them within this offense. I am basing this off what we have seen during his tenure as a head coach. Unfortunately, he has not been able to develop a functional offense in his time here, and that starts with the quarterback.

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Unfortunately, with Nagy here for another year, the Bears need someone who is proven already, not an “in the right system he could be great” question mark quarterback or to draft a quarterback and bank on the future development of their selection. The future quarterback needs to be a safe bet rather than a project player. It is the sad truth about this team and is what the Bears will likely choose to do when selecting who their quarterback will be going forward.