Chicago Bears must trade for Russell Wilson, lists Bears as a possibility

Chicago Bears - Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

If the Chicago Bears are going to fix the quarterback position, this might be the year to do it. Ryan Pace and company have many options (at least rumored) to solve the problem. Reports came out earlier this offseason about Russell Wilson not being happy with how things were being handled by the Seahawks.

Although he has not officially requested a trade and would prefer to stay in Seattle, reports are that he is open to being traded and listed four teams he would consider playing for if the Seahawks were to move him.

Russell Wilson has a no-trade clause the same way that Deshaun Watson has a no-trade clause, and he can somewhat force the Seahawks’ hand on where he wants to go. Although a no-trade clause was not in Carson Wentz’s contract, we already saw how preference alone can play a part when pushing to go to another team. Wentz pushed to go to Indianapolis to reunite with Frank Reich. Shockingly, Russell Wilson has listed the Chicago Bears as one of four destination spots.

The Chicago Bears might actually have a chance at Russell Wilson

Looking at these teams, I see the Chicago Bears as the favorite to even attempt to land Russell Wilson. The Cowboys are likely going to stick with Dak Prescott. Will the Raiders to a quarterback swap plus more for Russell Wilson? Maybe. The Saints have the worst cap space situation in the NFL and I do not see how they swing it.

The Chicago Bears could be the team here to make the big push and if I am Ryan Pace I am on the phone right now already laying the groundwork on what the deal would take. I guarantee it will take at least two, first-round picks. Bye. Maybe the Bears can send Nick Foles in the deal too. See ya. If it requires a third, first-round pick, I am still doing it.

The key here to me will be that the Bears do not send both their 2021 first and second-round picks in the deal. Keep the second-rounder for an offensive tackle. Use both the second-rounder and third-rounder on the offensive line. Build it up around Russell Wilson who has proved in the past he can thrive with wide receivers with less talent than Allen Robinson. Who knows though, maybe Robinson is willing to stay for slightly less if Wilson is throwing to him?

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The whole point here is that although this trade is not likely to happen, Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears better do everything within their power to make it happen. Wilson is below Deshaun Watson for me as far as trade targets, but at least attaining Wilson seems to have a sliver of a chance of happening. Watson is just completely out of the question.

How much are you willing to give up for this top-five quarterback?