Chicago Bears rank where among Russell Wilson’s top landing spots?

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Russell Wilson
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Bleacher Report ranked the Chicago Bears third in landing Russell Wilson

I have no problem with Bleacher Report ranking the Chicago Bears third overall, as long as the reasoning behind it was justified. More on that later. When it comes to landing Russell Wilson, let’s be honest, the Seahawks are most likely going to retain him. That is what makes the most sense for not only their franchise but also financially.

When creating the rankings, Bleacher Report took the following into consideration:

  • Draft picks
  • Assets
  • Finances
  • Wilson’s fit in the new local

No. 4 – Las Vegas Raiders

Bleacher Report has the Raiders ranked fourth on the list as they seem to feel like trading Derek Carr after his best statistical season to the Seahawks does not make much sense. Although Wilson is an upgrade to Carr, moving assets to make the switch seems unlikely. That said, Bleacher Report makes note of how aggressive the Raiders can be (see Khalil Mack and Antonio Brown trades) and how Wilson is familiar with former coaches Gus Bradley and Tom Cable.

I agree with Bleacher Report on this one though and do not see a Carr swap for Russel Wilson.

No. 3 – Chicago Bears

Again, I am not trying to be biased here and can objectively try to understand the rationale of the Chicago Bears at third on the list. I do not agree with the positioning among the four though and I’ll explain more why later. Bleacher Report makes note of how the Chicago Bears lack a quarterback to send back to the Seahawks while also being over the 2021 projected salary cap.

Bleacher Report believes the Chicago Bears would have to give up some serious talent like Roquan Smith or Kyle Fuller. The other option, if the Seahawks are interested, would be three first-round picks. I’d start with two firsts and a third and see where the trade talks go. I am perfectly okay with sending three firsts if needed.

No. 2 – New Orleans Saints

This would be just like Sean Payton. Have future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees retire, just to bring in another future Hall of Fame quarterback in Russell Wilson. Bleacher Report talks about how the Saints can easily get out of the red in regards to the salary cap and the team could offer up a nice package that includes Taysom Hill and Marshon Lattimore.

I have plenty to say about this. Just not quite yet.

No. 1 – Dallas Cowboys

The number one likely landing spot for Russell Wilson goes to the Dallas Cowboys according to Bleacher Report. Local reporters do not see it happening (Jane Slater on NFL Network). However, I can understand why Dallas makes the most sense from at least an assets standpoint. Swapping Dak Prescott for Russell Wilson keeps both teams very relevant at quarterback. Prescott is younger than Wilson and Wilson comes at a cheaper 2021 cap hit for the Cowboys.

This would take some very creative bookkeeping by the Seahawks, but again, I understand the reasoning here.