Chicago Bears rank where among Russell Wilson’s top landing spots?

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /
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Fixing the rankings puts the Chicago Bears second-overall

Now, let me go ahead and fix Bleacher Report’s rankings and explain why their reasoning is seriously flawed.

  1. Dallas Cowboys
  2. Chicago Bears
  3. New Orleans Saints
  4. Las Vegas Raiders

Again, I keep Seattle as the top spot if we include them in the rankings. I just do not see Seattle moving on from Russell Wilson this season. That said, I also never thought the Chicago Bears would find a way to trade for Khalil Mack in 2018 proving anything is possible.

Dallas will stay in my top spot here for the same reasons Bleacher Report had them listed number one. I know that local reporters are saying they do not see it happening, but out of these four teams, it makes the most sense for both sides.

Now for why I am extremely disappointed in the hypocrisy and lazy reporting when it comes to the New Orleans Saints over the Chicago Bears as the second most likely landing spot among the four. The two big reasons Bleacher Report lists the Bears as third is because the team is in the “red” and they do not have a quarterback Seattle would want in return.

Good reasoning on their own, but in the complete context of the report, seriously, how can you say this about the Bears and then completely gloss over it when it comes to the Saints? Lazy.

The Chicago Bears’ salary cap is basically even as we approach the start of the 2021 NFL league year. They could actually be in the black if the cap goes up only $2 million dollars than what the projected floor is right now. The Saints on the other hand are $66 million dollars over the cap.

Now, I understand the cap is somewhat of a joke with restructuring and cuts that will take place, but to say the cap is an issue for a team less than $2 million over the cap while saying the team that is $66 million over the cap can easily make room is once again lazy and hypocritical. This is absurd and once again points to the fact the national media enjoys ripping on the Chicago Bears.

Now, the quarterback situation. I am not a Nick Foles fan. I understood the move last season, but he was never a quarterback I had shown much interest in for this team. I wanted Jameis Winston in free agency or Derek Carr in a trade — neither happened. Now I still want Jameis Winston in free agency or I want Russell Wilson (Deshaun Watson is not happening) in a trade. Make one happen Ryan Pace.

Anyway, despite not being a Nick Foles fan, to think that the Seahawks would be excited about receiving Taysom Hill in a trade over Foles is laughable to me. Hill is not a quarterback in the NFL and is just Sean Payton’s gadget plaything. Again, hypocrisy.

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I leave you with this, Bears fans. Ryan Pace must do everything in his power to land a top quarterback option this offseason. This could be through a trade or the draft. Russell Wilson should be on the top of most lists. This team actually wants a new quarterback. In the end, the Bears should probably be the top team on this list even if it never actually happens.