Chicago Bears: The picture-perfect 2021 NFL Mock Draft

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The Chicago Bears select Mac Jones in the first round

At this point, the fans are hoping and praying for Mac Jones at number 20. This has kind of become the trendy pick for the Bears, but it’s also the correct pick. Unless Chicago were to trade up and make a move for one of the other top quarterbacks, it’s Jones.

To be frank, sticking at no. 20 and grabbing Jones might be the best move overall, too. Keeping the draft capital going forward and getting a smart, patient quarterback like Jones could pay off in a big way.

Jones is not the sexy quarterback in this draft. He’s far from that, in fact. But, Jones is going to be a solid player in this league for a few reasons.

First, he doesn’t make a lot of bad throws. Jones is a player who takes pride in not turning the football over. He makes many calculated decisions, being able to go through his reads and make the right throws.

Jones’ biggest knock, when looking at today’s NFL, is that he doesn’t give you much in terms of mobility. So, the priority with drafting Jones is going to be getting him help up front along the offensive line (specifically, the tackles) as well as the weapons at his disposal.

Speaking of weapons, a lot of people want to make the argument that Jones benefited greatly from some elite weapons at Alabama. Sure, he had the Heisman Trophy winner in Devonta Smith, but Jones threw for 4,500 yards and 41 touchdowns (with just four picks) last year. Not all of those passes went to Smith.

Jones spread the ball around, and he did so without Jaylen Waddle for most of the year. This is the Bears’ guy if he’s there at 20. He’s exactly what the Bears need — a quarterback who won’t give the game away and can make the smart throws.