3 Players the Chicago Bears should consider trading up for

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Chicago Bears, Kyle Pitts
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Many won’t agree, but the Chicago Bears should trade up for Kyle Pitts

Kyle Pitts shouldn’t be considered a tight end because he is much more than that. Pitts is arguably a top-five prospect in this draft class given all of the traits he has going for him. It is rare though that a tight end goes in the top 10 let alone top five.

Pitts is a generational talent, and that is no joke. He is similar to how Darren Waller is for the Las Vegas Raiders. He will get drafted and instantly become not only the best tight end on the roster but also the best receiver too. The best part is he is only 20-years-old. Pitts is the perfect tight end too for the game that is currently played.

What makes him so generational though? Pitts has a rare combination of elite athleticism, speed, size, strength, and hands are unmatched. He truly is unguardable. Pitts can fight off press coverage with ease and can do many things with the ball in his hands after the catch. He wins nearly every jump ball as well. Pitts didn’t drop a single pass in 2020.

Pitts will best be used all over the field. He would be a perfect ‘U’ tight end for the Chicago Bears as he can line up both on the line-of-scrimmage and out wide as a wide receiver. The question many will ask is: why draft Pitts when we have Cole Kmet? It’s because they play a different position.

Pitts would be the ‘U’ tight end, essentially a wide receiver, while Kmet will be the ‘Y’ tight end, which is your conventional tight end that lines up inline. It’s highly unlikely that Pitts falls outside of the top 10, but if he somehow does, the Bears should highly consider trading up.