Chicago Bears Draft: A recent hire could lead to one of these quarterbacks

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Chicago Bears, Sam Ehlinger
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The Chicago Bears and Sam Ehlinger

The Chicago Bears might be too scared to bring in a player that resembles Shane Buchele’s style. A more conservative passer, but still very efficient, would be the other Texas starter, Sam Ehlinger. Ehlinger is the exact opposite of Buchele. This is not to say that either quarterback is bad. Which flavor would you prefer?

Ehlinger is bigger and faster but has a weaker arm. According to PFF, Ehlinger tossed only 21 turnover-worthy plays on almost 1,000 dropbacks in the last two seasons. The advantage of Ehlinger is when he escapes the pocket, he isn’t looking to make that wow throw across the field. He will run for the first down.

I picture Ehlinger as Mitch Trubisky but experienced in every way Trubisky isn’t (even to this day). No offense to Trubisky; Ehlinger is a 22-year-old, 32-year old. This kid watches football films like Jon Gruden. Maybe I should say Sam Elhinger is more like Deshaun Watson as a college prospect. The difference would be one played with Clemson and Dabo Swinney, and the other just broke Nick Foles and Drew Brees’ high school records.

After Buchele torched high schools, Ehlinger came to show Texas why there will always be a next best in Texas. Ehlinger did not break Texas college school records as Buechele did in SMU, but he did win the Jason Witten Player of the Year Award and other accolades.

Ehlinger has improved every season since entering college and tied for second in the country with 33 big-time throws, according to PFF. Ehlinger is a winner that doesn’t turn the ball over. What more can a coach want at quarterback?

Remember the times when Trubisky ran out of bounds instead of throwing it away or forcing a pass into the end zone on second down? How about not running when he had an open lane for a first down. These are all of the qualities Sam Ehlinger has. Ehlinger knows what to do and when to do it, and why it needed to be done.

The knocks on Ehlinger remind me of when teams knocked Drew Brees coming out. If you haven’t seen it, check out “Drew Brees reads his negative draft reviews” on YouTube. They honestly are very similar to Sam Ehlinger. The Chicago Bears, in my opinion, should take a hard look at this kid and see what he can do. While they are at it, they should draft a few of his teammates that will cover next.