Chicago Bears: 4 trades involving Allen Robinson, Sam Darnold

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Chicago Bears, Allen Robinson
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Trading Allen Robinson could net the Chicago Bears a decent draft pick

Now, let’s take Darnold out of the equation. If you’re like me, both players involved make you want to vomit. Trading Robinson would hurt. It would be nauseating to see Pace give up the Bears’ best offensive player after treating him the way he has.

Dealing for Darnold would enrage some fans, confuse others while saddening them even more. He’s far from the answer at quarterback and still has major question marks.

So, let’s focus solely on Robinson. If this situation doesn’t improve and Robinson ends up leaving town, the Bears should net a pretty solid pick in return.

The great thing about speaking with the Jets is the fact that they have the second overall pick in the draft, which means if the Bears dealt Robinson for a second-rounder, it would be number 34 overall.

The first couple of picks in the first round are, at times, looked at as late first-rounders because of how much talent typically ends up falling. Some teams reach for players in the first round. There will be surprises, which could leave some serious first-round talent available in the second round.

Replacing Robinson would be a difficult task, but if that ship has already sailed, then it may be time to get as much as possible in a trade for his services.