Chicago Bears Free Agency: Possible cap casualties to consider signing

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Chicago Bears, Latavius Murray
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Chicago Bears potential cap casualty targets: Latavius Murray

The New Orleans Saints are in a world of trouble when it comes to their financial situation, and they’ll be making a lot of moves to try and get underneath the cap. Backup running back Latavius Murray is definitely a candidate to be cut, and the Saints would be saving $2.5 million in the process.

While that’s not a lot, the Saints could easily replace Murray in the draft if they so choose to. Murray is a back whom the Bears are very familiar with, too, as they’ve played the Saints a few times over the last couple of years. Not only that, but he was formerly with the Minnesota Vikings and saw the Bears twice a year.

Though he is 31 years old, Murray is still as productive a backup as you’ll find around the league. He doesn’t have a ton of tread on the tires because he’s been mostly a backup after his starting days with the Raiders early in his career.

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As a complement to David Montgomery, Murray would still be able to function at a high level. In fact, he fits as one of the best possible backup running backs the Bears could find. With Montgomery’s ascension, the Bears being able to plug and play a true, prototypical backup running back right behind him would be a luxury.

Gone should be the days of Nagy trying to convince people that Cordarrelle Patterson can be a backup running back. Tarik Cohen is an exciting gadget player, but he’s also not a true backup running back. Murray would be an excellent signing.