Part Two: Compelling reasons why the Chicago Bears need Mac Jones

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If I was making the final decisions inside Halas Hall, I would first acquire an experienced quarterback who can work well with Matt Nagy because as mentioned, Foles clearly does not respect Nagy and this has resulted in the worst version of him.

The Chicago Bears need to find a bridge quarterback for Mac Jones without giving up any significant draft picks if any at all. Alex Smith would be ideal for this role because he knows Nagy’s offense through and through and they have mutual respect for each other. Then I would, basically, take Louis Riddick’s advice and play the long game in the Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson sweepstakes.

They should keep both of these options open by hanging onto all of their significant trade capital at the very least until draft day. For a lot of reasons, the Bears getting Deshaun Watson is the equivalent to chucking a “Hail Mary” pass. Getting Russell Wilson is like going for third down with thirty yards to go.

A couple of weeks ago it felt more like a third down with fifty to go. Maybe in a few weeks, it will feel like going for a third and 15 or even 20 yards. If a “Hail Mary” or a third and long quarterback search opportunity does not present itself then they should move Heaven and Earth to draft Mac Jones. Similarly, they should move Heaven and Earth to acquire Wilson or Watson.

If the Chicago Bears do not acquire Watson or Wilson, they will need some luck, hard work and a vigorous sales job to move up in the draft so they can pick Mac Jones. He is not going to fall to the Bears’ pick at 20th-overall that is for sure.