Part Two: Compelling reasons why the Chicago Bears need Mac Jones

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) /
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Laying out the path to Mac Jones for the Chicago Bears

McShay just shook up the draft junkies with a mock draft that had the top four quarterbacks going in the first four picks. He also had Mac Jones going ninth to the 49ers by trading for the Broncos’ first pick at nine. Admittedly, McShay has good reasons to believe this all could and will happen.

Here is the best-case scenario for the Bears as far as how teams ahead of them in the draft will fix their quarterback needs. Let’s assume McShay is right and the top four quarterbacks go in the first four rounds. Taking into account the latest quarterback rumors, this would set up the Chicago Bears to draft Mac Jones.

The 49ers have called Carolina about Teddy Bridgewater. If the Panthers do trade up and draft Justin Fields, this is good for the Bears and probably good for the 49ers. The latest rumors out of Washington have their football team focusing on making a trade with the Raiders for Marcus Mariota. Again this is a reasonably realistic possibility just like the 49ers acquiring Bridgewater. Last we have the Patriots to figure out.

If the 49ers are talking to the Panthers about Bridgewater that likely means Jimmy Garapollo is getting cut. A few years ago Bill Belichick wanted to keep Garapollo over Tom Brady but the Patriots owner stopped that. However, Garapollo has missed a lot of games due to injury since he left New England.

Due to this, I can see Belichick liking Garapollo at a bargain price and I can see Garapollo taking it. However, Belichick will probably also hedge his possible bet on Garapollo by acquiring another quarterback. Andy Dalton was linked to the Patriots last offseason and Gardner Mineshaw can probably be had at a reasonable price.

For the Bears sake let’s hope these projected quarterback acquisitions play out as suggested. Then they have a clear path to drafting Mac Jones. The key to the Bears drafting Mac Jones is the Panthers and the 49ers finding quarterbacks they are satisfied enough with that they won’t draft one with their first-round pick.

If the Chicago Bears have to trade up from the 20th pick in the draft to get ahead of the Patriots who have the 15th pick or even Washington who has the 19th, that would be well worth the price whatever it may be.