Part Two: Compelling reasons why the Chicago Bears need Mac Jones

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Ryan Pace is trustworthy to draft the next Chicago Bears quarterback

As the 2021 offseason unfolds, the possibility emerges that Ryan Pace will once again trade up to draft a quarterback in the first round. I say if it is for Mac Jones, then Pace’s philosophy to give up picks if you have a strong conviction on a player is absolutely the right thing to do.

Where Ryan Pace mainly failed in his assessment of Mitch Trubisky was he did not take into account that his poor mechanics would result in a lot of missed opportunities with his deep ball. In college and the NFL, Trubisky was consistently accurate in the short-to-medium range. He did this by relying on his arm to do most of the work in making these throws.

However, to consistently complete the deeper passes, the upper body and lower body have to be in sync or it’s one golden opportunity after another literally thrown away. A big reason Trubisky failed in Chicago was because of his poor footwork. This resulted in him being quite inconsistent in completing the long ball to open receivers.

Of course, his processing could have been a lot better as well, but some of that blame has to also be put on Matt Nagy. The Chicago Bears head coach started out as an inexperienced quarterback whisperer and he failed at it miserably with Mitch Trubisky.

Now we flash forward from the Trubisky era to 2021 and it appears history will possibly repeat itself in a decision Ryan Pace needs to make on drafting a quarterback in the first round. Yes, the vast majority of Bears fans and media are skeptical Pace will get it right this time. However, no matter what anyone believes, Ryan Pace has a real shot on April 29th at redeming himself.

I, for one, was hoping the McCaskey’s would keep Pace but fire Nagy. The main reason for this is I thought Pace for the most part learned from his mistakes. However, Matt Nagy, especially with his extreme stubbornness in play-calling, appears hell-bent to not learn from his mistakes.

I believe the bad decisions Ryan Pace made in acquiring offensive talent were as much if not more so on Nagy than on Pace. Yes, Pace’s two biggest moves – hiring Nagy and drafting Trubisky – went sideways. However, he has done a number of other very good things for the Bears outside of this. There also are understandable reasons why he dropped the ball on these two complicated decisions.

Where I believe Pace went wrong with hiring their head coach is that Matt Nagy is a good interview. If you know anything about the interview process, some people are just great in interviews yet are not completely up to the task when it comes to doing the job. This is a common trap hiring managers fall into.